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Why Travel Agents Are More Important than Ever

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down as we know it. As you make your plans and start re-exploring your community & the world, we encourage you to support small businesses now more than ever.

Yes, travel agents still exist and during this pandemic The Pixie Planner has proven to be more valuable to travelers than ever before. Here's why:

Travel agents are your advocate. We have close relationships with nearly every major travel supplier and can advocate on your behalf for your vacation. We are committed to working diligently with your best interest in mind. We can even book most hotel direct options and even match most online sites like Expedia! It never hurts to reach out before booking anything travel related and see if we can help.

We can save you time, energy and sometimes, aggravation. Your time is valuable and should be spent with your family making memories. We call your vacation provider (hotel, airline, tour operator, etc.), so you don’t have to wait on hold for hours on end. We can explain to you complex cancellation and re-booking policies and are here to address your concerns when needed.

At The Pixie Planner, we are always here for you. We are available day and night to answer your questions. Not to mention that you work with your very own Pixie Planner. And because we are not in a call center, IF you happen to not get us, we WILL call you back in a timely manner – most often the SAME DAY. In a normal environment, we are here to make your vacation as seamless as possible – from the research and booking stages to planning excursions when you are away and taking care of the logistics of your return trip home. Nothing has changed since COVID-19. We have been and always will be there for you.

Also, booking your vacation with a travel agency is supporting a small business. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and you are going to want to go on vacation and live life to the fullest by checking items off your bucket list. When you do book with a travel agent, we are dedicated to making your vacation dreams become a reality and in turn, you are helping us make our business dreams come true.

So please remember to use a travel agent the next time you book a vacation — we promise, you won’t regret it.

Ready to start planning? Reach out to your previous planner or click the link below to get started on a FREE quote:

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