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Image by Sumit Chinchane


Our Epic Virgin Voyages Adventure!

We are SO excited to share a recap of our very first Virgin Voyage with you! See below why this cruise line is now one of our absolute favorites!

Day 1 - Miami Magic: Ahoy There!

Our Virgin Voyages escapade began with a bang in the lively city of Miami. We couldn't contain our excitement as we hopped on board. First things first, we went full steam ahead and signed up for some epic group fitness classes, including zen-inducing yoga and a heart-pounding spin class. We even treated ourselves by booking a relaxing Thermal Spa day (which we saved $$ by booking it for a port day!) and we also upgraded our internet package at an awesome discount!

With all our plans in place, we set sail to explore the magnificent ship, soaking in the sleek design and lavish vibes. And let's not forget the sweet start to our voyage with delicious ice cream at "Lick Me Til Ice Cream." As the day rolled into night, we indulged in a fancy dinner at "Extra Virgin." And, brace yourselves, we rocked the Evening Pajama Party (check out our TikTok for the proof)!

Day 2 - Key West: A Slice of Paradise

Day two had us docked in the fabulous Key West. Misty greeted the morning with relaxing yoga, while Shana opted for some extra Zzzs. We kicked things off with an awesome breakfast at "The Galley," setting the tone for a day full of adventure.

Key West was our playground for the day as we hopped on bikes for a fantastic tour with "Key Lime Bike Tours." We explored charming streets and soaked in the beachy vibes, and yes, we captured all the fun on our TikTok. We couldn't resist the call of tacos, so we hit up a cute bar called Garbos, known for its fantastic taco creations.

Our culinary journey hit a high note at "Test Kitchen" with a tasting menu that took our taste buds on a wild ride. The night was all about casino time, where Shana's luck was a bit shaky, but Misty managed to ride a winning streak!

Day 3 - Bimini Bliss

Another day, another island paradise – Bimini was calling our names! Once again, Misty started the day with a yoga session, and Shana was all about that extra snooze button. After a hearty breakfast at "The Galley," we were ready to take on the world.

We hopped on the free tram to the private Bimini Beach Club, and yes, our adventures are all documented on our TikTok page! Dinner at "Pink Agave" had Shana doing the happy dance – it was her absolute favorite.

Of course, we couldn't resist the siren call of the casino and some souvenir shopping to wrap up the day.

Day 4 - High Seas Luxury

Our day at sea was all about kicking back and enjoying the good life. Misty started the day with an invigorating spin class and we bet you can guess where Shana was!

After some early casino time, we unleashed our inner rock stars in a private karaoke room at "The Groupie," belting out our favorite tunes like pros. Dinner was a blast at "Razzle Dazzle," which quickly became Misty's top pick.

After dinner we decided to try our luck once more at the casino (surprise!), and let's just say we both left with lighter wallets. We decided to take control of our fate and signed up for our next Virgin Voyage! Not only did we book our next adventure at a discount, they also threw in some onboard credit to sweeten the deal! We ended the night with some epic karaoke on Deck 7 – talk about an unforgettable day!

Day 5 - Farewell Miami

Our last day was all about soaking in the final moments of our adventure. We slept in and had a leisurely breakfast at "The Galley." Before we left, we wanted to show our appreciation, so we left a tip for our amazing stateroom attendant, even though it wasn't expected.

Disembarking was a breeze, and by around 10 AM, we were off the ship and ready for our next adventure. We found an affordable airport transfer right outside the terminal, capping off our Virgin Voyages journey on a high note.

And there you have it – our epic Virgin Voyages cruise, filled with luxury, adventure, and enough memories to last a lifetime. Until our next voyage, keep the good times rollin' and the high seas callin'! 🚢🌴🌞

Want to join us for a Virgin Voyage adventure?

You are in luck! We are hosting a 10 night Virgin Voyage through Greece, Croatia, Turkey & Montenegro on the Adults-only ship Resilient Lady May 9th-19th, 2024!

Reach out to your personal Pixie Planner or email to get more info! Be sure to mention the "May 2024 Greece & Croatia Cruise!"

If these dates don’t work for you, there are plenty of itineraries to choose from! Reach out and we would be thrilled to set you up with some options!


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