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Summer in Walt Disney World Essentials☀️

You can't escape summer humidity & heat in Walt Disney World, but it doesn't have to affect your trip if you’re prepared! In this post, we cover tips for packing, ways to deal with hot weather, and having a comfortable experience even when the “feels like” temperature is over 100 degrees.

Heat exhaustion & dehydration often go hand in hand, so our top tip is to drink water–lots of it! While buying bottled water is one option, that’ll can expensive fast given how much you need to drink to stay hydrated.

Instead, we recommend going into counter service restaurants or other walk-up windows & asking for free cups of water. There are a few dedicated bottle filling stations around the parks. Our go-to location is inside Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom (they’ll give you cups of ice if you want cold water), & there are other spots at the entrance to World Showcase in EPCOT & scattered around the parks. We suggest this water bottle with a built in filter.

Another absolutely necessary accessory this time of year is a cooling towel (or two). They really do work for cooling you down & keeping you cool during the Summer at any theme park. We also recommend is this personal neck fan. It’s small, lightweight, and will keep you cool all day long. This is one of the main recommendations in our Summer in Disney Essentials.

Our main tip is to embrace the midday break, returning to your hotel for pool time or our favorite, a nap. The middle of the day is when wait times are normally at their highest On most days, you can get more done in the first and last few hours than the early afternoon when crowds and weather are at their peak.

Another option for those who don’t want to leave the park is to enjoy indoor shows. All of these “feature” air-conditioning, and many of them are (undeservedly) unpopular. That means their wait times are virtually non-existent, making them good options for the middle of the day.

Need a major cool down? Riding attractions like Splash Mountain, Grizzly River Run, and Kali River Rapids repeatedly are the obvious things to do when it gets hot.

Do you try to embrace the heat and humidity when at Walt Disney World, or do you “hide” from it?

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