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Destination Weddings Are In

Planning Your Big Day Can be a Day at the Beach

Destination weddings are much more simple to coordinate and especially affordable in comparison to your average stateside wedding. Destination weddings are also a lot less stressful. With the right tools, the right travel agency, and wedding planners, you can make your dream wedding come to life.Your destination wedding process begins with your travel agent who will be there every step of the way. We can help you find your destination, your perfect resort, and can work within any budget to help you book the wedding of your dreams.

Exploring Possible Destinations

All-Inclusive resorts are located in a variety of settings from cliffside gazebos in Cabo San Lucas, to the sprawling 7-mile beach in Jamaica. We can help you find your perfect destination based on your specific desires. When reaching out to your travel agent, you will want to have a budget in mind. This will help narrow down destination and resort options right off the bat.
Another important factor to choosing a destination is weather conditions during your desired time frame. Is your dream location prone to hurricanes, monsoons, sweltering heat, or other potential weather nightmares at certain times of the year? Checking the forecast for your destination is a must if you want to avoid Mother Nature's downside while hosting your wedding. Weather is a particularly critical factor when scheduling air travel and outdoor events, and although weather patterns are fairly predictable in many regions of the world there are always exceptions—especially during seasonal transitions.

Choosing Your Resort

Determining what you envision for your wedding resort can be an easy way for your travel agent to suggest specific destinations and resorts.. Do you want a chic contemporary resort? Do you want the best beach available? What matters most on your big day? Your guest list will also influence your resort choice, and you should consider what they want from the resort, like exciting nightlife and entertainment, or daily activities and wellness programs. Choose a location that’s easily accessible for guests while still focusing on your wants and needs. Examples: West Coast guests traveling to Los Cabos, or East Coast guests flying easily to Cancun or Punta Cana.

Connect with Your Wedding Planner

Finding a dedicated wedding planner that will travel to your destination may be pricey or not in your plans, but the good news is that every resort has an on-site wedding coordinator ready to help. Some resorts even offer special rates for wedding couples wanting to visit the resort before booking their destination wedding. Couples can experience ceremony set-ups, reception options and romantic amenities to visualize the big day.
One of the biggest perks of destination weddings is the all-inclusive packages and amenities for couples and their guests. Most resorts offer different tiers of all-inclusive wedding packages making planning a breeze. Depending on the resort and destination you choose, these packages can include:
  • Service of judge or minister

  • Bouquet(s) and/or boutonniere(s) for wedding couple

  • Private dinner reception

  • Wedding cake and sparkling wine

  • 50 full color photos and wedding album

  • Video of ceremony

  • Free anniversary nights

  • and so much more!

Taking Care of Guest Accommodations

Another perk of a planning a destination wedding with a travel agent is not having to worry about arranging your own guests flight and lodging accommodations. This is all done for you by your travel agent. Your guests can easily reach out to your travel agent and make their personalized trip itinerary match their needs.

At some resorts, you can even make your entire wedding FREE. How? Some resorts offer a free wedding packages (with optional upgrades) when your wedding party stays a total of the required amount of nights. This total amount of nights can depend on which resort you choose, but it makes planning and saving for your destination a whole lot easier.

Ready to Start Planning Your Destination Wedding?

Reach out to your previous planner or click the link below:



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