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5 Ways to be Ready for Vacation When the Time Comes

Are you ready to think happy thoughts and start planning your next vacation? Maybe you have a vacation planned or you are still working on finding your perfect destination. Either way, there are a few things that may need your attention before you can travel to your next getaway destination. Below are 5 ways you can get ready for your next vacation whenever that may be.

Double Check your Luggage and Tags

Maybe you know your luggage is in good working condition, or maybe that zipper broke on your last vacation and you need a new one. Get them out of the closet, dust those bad boys off, and make sure they are ready for their next adventure. Check your luggage tags to make sure that they have your current address and information. If you don't have a suitcase, we recommend this adorable yet functional suitcase. This suitcase comes in all different sizes and colors. For luggage tags, we recommend these durable and universal luggage tag to match your new suitcase.

Have the Planning Done

You may not know exactly when you will travel next, but you can always start thinking about where you want to go. Planning your next vacation is kind of like taking a little virtual vacation. If you're planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you can start looking at restaurant choices, Fastpass selections, comparing resorts, and so much more. Making these decisions a head of time will help you have a stress free vacation when the time comes. Even if you are a travel expert, having a personal vacation planner by your side is one of the easiest ways to ensure your vacation runs smoothly. From restaurant suggestions, deal searching, and personal planning sessions, there is never a reason to travel without a travel professional.

Double Check Your Documentation

It is important to make sure your drivers license and passport are still up to date. You never want to run into passport or ID issues while at the airport. You can also start researching necessary visas or entry requirements if you plan to travel internationally.

Make the Arrangements Ahead of Time

Even if you don't know your exact travel dates, making the plans for house or animal sitting ahead of time helps nail down your options and lets you create a relationship with your house or animal sitter. If you already know your travel dates, you can also start by setting up and scheduling your out-of-office notice on your email if needed. These are often the little things that end up taking too much time when you don't have it.

Add Some Magic

Making travel planning and prep a little more magical should really be the first item on this list. Be sure to take some time to plan travel games, make a list of travel snacks, and think up a bunch of magical things you can add to your trip. When working with The Pixie Planner, this is what we love to help our customers with. Showing them little Disney secrets, our favorite snacks, and even unique excursion ideas. Starting a travel bucket list for your dream destination can help bring out your ideas and how to achieve them during your travels.

Whenever you are ready to travel, The Pixie Planner will be there to help make your dreams a reality. Reach out to your previous planner or click the link below to get started on a FREE vacation quote!

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