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Image by Sumit Chinchane


Top 7 Cruising Essentials

After cruising multiple times on multiple different cruise lines, our team has become pros at cruising hacks and tricks for storage, organization, and more. In this blog post you will find our list of essentials we have found handy over the years.

Storage can be a major concern for most cruise ship staterooms. These little but super powerful hooks can be an amazing way to create more storage room for hanging wet bathing suits, towels, lanyards and more.

In early 2018 the major cruise lines did away with plastic straws. Paper straws are a great alternative, but get soggy when they sit in drinks too long. Silicone straws are the perfect solution and feel natural, just like the plastic version. When reusing, just wash them in your stateroom sink with hot water!

Picture this, a bunch of days old, wet clothes piled on the stateroom floor. You certainly don’t want to put them in your suitcase. I recommend getting a compact fold up hamper and putting it in your stateroom closet.

This organizer is one of our favorite things to bring when it comes to creating extra space on a cruise ship. It has large pockets and can be hung in the closet or over the bathroom door. In the bathroom, we use it for makeup, toiletries and curling irons. Just another way to save some space!

Power strips are the number one most needed item when traveling on cruises due to the lack of plugs in the ship cabin. A Power Strip virtually triples the amount of usable outlets for your next cruise vacation.

A lanyard with ID pouch will hold your stateroom key card which is your room key, ID and charge card all-in-one. Better yet, slip in your credit card and photo ID and now you do not need a wallet to get off the ship.

Reason 1 - “Securing towels” sometimes pool decks can get very windy in these towel clips do a great job of holding your towel in place. Reason 2 - “Saving Daylight” Another use for these towel clips is clipping the curtain shut on your state rooms window. It’s pure bliss to be in pitch dark in the morning for those long nights out.

Have you ever used any of these cruise hacks? Ready to use them on your next cruise?

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