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Strollers at The Disneyland Resort

Planning on using a stroller at Disneyland?

Renting one may be a great option – but not from just anywhere!

You’re all set to bring the family to Disneyland. You’ve booked your trip through yourPixie Planner and have a great hotel, flight and experience lined up. Now the only thing to do is figure out what to bring. And with little ones in tow, that’s no small thing.

Consider your stroller. Do you bring it? Rent it at the theme park? What really are your options?

The best option is neither. Great rental companies – like our partner VacaDUN Baby Gear Rentals in Huntington Beach, CA – actually started their business to help traveling families navigate Disneyland and Southern California without the hassles, expenses and risks of ruining one of your most important pieces of baby equipment: your baby stroller.

Why renting a stroller from VacaDUN Baby Gear Rentals – instead of bringing yours from home or renting it at the theme park - makes a lot of sense:

1. Convenience.

Renting a stroller at the park means you need to wait to be

inside Disneyland to use it, stand in line, circle back to return it and give it up

when you leave.

VacaDUN will deliver (and pick up) a high quality, Disney-approved stroller

personally to your hotel or rental home. At no charge!*

Unlike other rental companies, VacaDUN also offers an array of other things

you may need – like pack-n-plays, cribs, toddler beds, bed bumpers, beach

gear and car seats – also delivered to your airport*, hotel and home for free.

2. Quality.

Disneyland strollers are fine, but they’re low quality umbrella

strollers with minimal sun protection and comfort for your child. One Mom

blogger even called them “monstrous”. Yikes!

VacaDUN offers a wide array of high quality, Disney approved strollers for

infants and toddlers. Two of their most popular strollers are the Joovy X2

Double Stroller for multiple kids and the always popular Baby Jogger City

Mini. And for parents with one small child and one older, their Joovy Tandem

stroller is great because it features a stand for older children to stand or sit

too when they’re tired out.

Whichever stroller you choose, it’s a no-brainer to rent much higher quality

with much lower prices. That’s what VacaDUN Baby Gear offers.

It’s also important to note that VacaDUN only sources their baby equipment

brand-new, never second-hand and used for years unlike other rental

options. They only offer the brands and models you’d have at home, all

designed for safety and comfort, cleaned obsessively and delivered like new.

In fact a large number of VacaDUN’s 5-star ratings are from parents amazed

at the quality and cleanliness of their gear.

3. Cost.

Renting a Disneyland stroller is $15 for a single and $35 for a double.

You can save more than 50% with VacaDUN, get a much higher quality

stroller and have the use of your gear before, and after your theme park day.

Other Disney stroller rental alternatives have minimum days to rent,

exorbitant prices, tack on service fees and have mixed ratings from

questionable quality.

In fact, VacaDUN’s rental rates are so economical that many of their

customers rent two strollers – like their Baby Trend Snap-n-Go Stroller – to

use as a shopping cart for souvenirs, jackets, jackets, snacks and more. While

VacaDUN’s strollers offer a ton of extra storage for parents, an additional

stroller can be a lifesaver from having to carry extra bags, backpacks or

renting a locker that can be expensive and inconvenient.

4. Security.

While Disneyland is a very safe place, unfortunately sometimes

things happen to strollers when left unattended. VacaDUN provides a 4 feet

coiled, cable lock at no charge with every stroller rental, allowing you to lock

the wheels together and making it useless for anyone else.

Did you know Disneyland doesn’t allow you to lock your stroller – or

anything - to any park permanent fixture, like a railing? A long roped lock,

like the one VacaDUN provides, ensures you’ll enjoy the use of your stroller

uninterrupted and without hassles.

The Pixie Planner and VacaDUN Baby Gear rentals became partners this year

because of one reason: our mutual commitment to our clients! VacaDUN’s

baby rental service came highly recommended to us by one of our traveling

family clients who couldn’t say enough about their experience. Both our

companies share the same philosophy our goals are to help traveling families

have more fun, save money and hassles and create long-lasting memories. It’s

at the heart of what we both do.

For more information about VacaDUN Baby Gear Rentals and renting baby

gear with them, contact VacaDUN at 714-671-8720 or Make sure to mention that you booked with The Pixie Planner.

* VacaDUN delivers 7 days a week to any Orange County, CA hotel or home

for free (minimum rental $20). Airport deliveries are $10. There are no

minimum days or service charges.

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