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Image by Sumit Chinchane


Beat the Heat at the Disney Parks this Summer

Ah, the joys of summer break! The kids are out of school so the worry of missing class is out the window! It seems like the perfect time to take the family to Disney! However, there’s that one thing that scares many people from going to the parks during the summer, and that is the boiling, steamy heat. Summer in Florida can usually range between the low 90s to possibly in the 100s (plus humidity), while California can experience heat waves with little notice. Don’t let the heat scare you away, though, because there are ways to beat the heat and have the best summer vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth! Aside from the wet rides, these tips can help keep you cool.

Bring Your Own Tools

Purchasing water in Disney Parks is not exactly the cheapest thing to do, which can be frustrating considering the hot conditions. However, Disney does provide free (yes, you heard it right, FREE) water fountains found all around the park! Many of them are located around the restrooms, but there are other spots around the park where they can be found. Bringing a reusable water bottle allows you to drink the water and refill it when needed without having to spend the money on new water! You can bring in your own water bottle, as long as it’s not glass, and it does not have to be sealed.

If water fountains aren’t your style, you can also request a free cup of ice water to refill water bottles at any quick service restaurant. In Disney California Adventure, there is even a Coke Freestyle machine at the Refreshment Station by Soarin’ Over the World. As the cast member for a free water cup and you can fill it, then fill your water bottle with clean and fresh water. We are looking forward to hearing about more of these locations throughout the parks.

We also love the spray fans, which include a mister and a fan. These are like having your own personal AC unit, and can make or break your summer trip. You can buy them at the park for over $20 a piece, or you can plan ahead and save tons by buying your spray fans at any many stores, including Target, Walgreens, CVS, or even Amazon.

Spend Time in Indoor Rides or Catch a Show

Some indoor rides at Disney Parks provide A/C while waiting in the line queue, and also while you are on the ride. In addition, you’ll find shaded ride queues and even some with misters. Some of the rides include Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Small World, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and some others.

It also helps to alternate rides with shows or experiences. For example, Mickey and the Magical Map at Disneyland, or the Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World can help you escape the heat. Shows like “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” in Disney California Adventure or Animal Kingdom are a great escape on a hot day. The Frozen show at Disney California Adventure is another great indoor option, and well worth the time!

Take a Midday Break

Afternoons are usually the hottest time during the summer, so take the time to relax at the pool at your hotel, catch a nap, or maybe even go to the water parks if you are visiting Walt Disney World! During the summer, the parks are open longer hours than usual, so you won’t miss out if you take a 2-3 hour break midday. We also find the park is least busy early mornings, and late nights. Taking a break will allow you to take advantage of slower times in the parks, and avoid the hot midday sun.

Bring Layers (Just in Case)

I know you’re thinking, “Wait, layers? Aren’t we supposed to beat the heat and not making ourselves more heated!” Well, during the early mornings or late nights in California and Florida, the mornings and evenings can be on the cool side. You may also want to bring them if you are going in an indoor restaurant because the A/C can make the rooms chilly. Well, at least it’s doing its job! A plastic poncho is also recommended in case you happen to get caught in a storm (especially in Florida, where they seem to happen daily at 5 PM like clockwork).

While the idea of Disney in the summer may seem like a crazy idea, you can still find a way to have a good time and beat the heat! Just do your homework, get everything you need to stay cool, and the heat will just be a blip on your radar while you enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!

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