How to Plan a Summer 'Safecation'

As summer revs up, many families who've planned vacations and long-anticipated reunions are left wondering whether it's safe to travel during the coronavirus outbreak. Most states have reopened, giving residents a semblance of normalcy. Here are some ways to take a safe vacation during COVID-19 from the best modes of transportation to tips to plan safe gatherings. Check travel restrictions and quarantine rules for your desired destination. Some states require visitors to stay inside for two weeks upon arrival. Check the number of cases and hospitalizations rates in the area. Look for a steady decline over at least two weeks. If you're visiting loved ones, conduct your own risk assessment. As

Disney Parks Content on Disney+

One of the big draws of Disney Plus is that it offers Disney a platform to put share some of the amazing behind the scenes looks at Disney parks they’ve given us over the years. While they haven’t added all—or even most, or much—of the historical Disney parks documentary coverage that’s been produced, they’ve made up for it with a few great exclusive offerings. Read on to learn about all the Disney parks documentaries and shows on Disney Plus! RECENT UPDATES One Day at Disney Short #30 introduces Tony Salvaggio, Park Decorator Disney Insider Episode 6 contains a behind-the-scenes look at Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway (includes spoilers!) One Day at Disney Short #28 introduces Scot Drake,

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