Top 7 Cruising Essentials

After cruising multiple times on multiple different cruise lines, our team has become pros at cruising hacks and tricks for storage, organization, and more. In this blog post you will find our list of essentials we have found handy over the years. 1. Suction Cup Hooks Storage can be a major concern for most cruise ship staterooms. These little but super powerful hooks can be an amazing way to create more storage room for hanging wet bathing suits, towels, lanyards and more. 2. Reusable Straws In early 2018 the major cruise lines did away with plastic straws. Paper straws are a great alternative, but get soggy when they sit in drinks too long. Silicone straws are the perfect solution and feel

Why Cruises Are One of the Best Vacations You Will Go On

More than ever, our families booking with The Pixie Planner are choosing cruising as their choice of vacation in 2020. More and more families are realizing that cruising is the easiest and most relaxing way to see the world. 1. Cruises are Mostly All-Inclusive Most of your expenses when booking a cruise are paid for before you even step on board. Your cruise, your dining, your entertainment they're all part of the package. Although gratuities and excursions are not always included in the cruise cost, they can be pre-paid and booked in advance for a stress-free planning experience. When looking at all the cruise options out there and the fact that there is a cruise that fits almost every budg

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