International Travel - Being Prepared

No matter how well you plan for an international vacation, unexpected surprises will come along big or small. Planning ahead for these unexpected hiccups will help you be prepared for any situation. Of course having a Pixie Planner to help you navigate these possibilities before and during your vacation is always a good idea, but we are a little biased. We don't always like talking about these circumstances, but we want to make our guests prepared for any situation. Some things that could possibly happen: -You could miss a connecting flight -Luggage could not arrive on time or at all -You could lose your passport -You could need medical attention -Weather could change your travel plans One

Arizona Residents : Travel ID Information

Arizona Residents, it's about time to get that Travel ID we have all been hearing about. You'll need it at airports and federal buildings starting next year starting Oct. 1, 2020. “This date is looming large for Arizonans with driver licenses and ID cards,” said MVD Stakeholder Relations Manager Jennifer Bowser Richards. “We don’t want to see peoples’ travel plans ruined because they don’t have an ID that meets the upcoming new federal TSA checkpoint requirements, but that’s a very real risk for people who don’t get a Travel ID.” The travel ID would be accepted when boarding a plane without a passport to travel domestically. ADOT MVD urges Arizonans to make an appointment to get their Travel

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