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Shana is the Founder and  Co-owner of The Pixie Planner. She is located in Tempe, Arizona. She has a teenage daughter and worked in Higher Education before venturing on her own. She has a Masters in Education and MBA, as well as a Project Management Certificate.


Her love of travel and finding the best deals were the inspiration to start The Pixie Planner (along with a nudge from her Business Partner and best friend Misty). She is proud to have started a small business that is changing the way people think about travel agents.

Vacation Specialities: Caribbean and Disney Parks



Misty is the Co-Owner of The Pixie Planner. She is located in San Tan Valley, Arizona. She quickly joined the team as the business was starting because she believes in the mission of making vacations magical while finding the best value for the guest.


Misty loves to say, "we know because we go," and she is no exception! She loves to try new destinations, with a passion for exploring resorts and the destination with the lens of her guests. Her favorite places she has been so far are Japan, Costa Rica, and Turks and Caicos. She feels truly blessed to be able to travel to amazing places around the world for a living.

Vacation Specialities: Group Travel, Destination Weddings, All-Inclusive Resorts



Kim is a Lead Planner with The Pixie Planner. She has been married for 24 years with 3 wonderful children. Originally from Southern California, Kimberly and her family moved to San Tan Valley, Arizona in 2007.  


Kim has always loved visiting new places, and trying new things. Her favorite trip was to England to visit family and learn all about where her grandmother grew up. Sharing her love of traveling with her family allows them to bond and experience new things together. She also makes sure to get to Disney at least 2-3 times a year. 


Kim loves being a member of The Pixie Planner team because she is  able to help her guests create dream vacations and beautiful memories all while finding them the best value.

Vacation Specialities: Europe, All-Inclusives & Disney Parks



From a young age Jamie has loved exploring new places, people, and food. She has traveled from Hawaii to Scotland and many places in between. With her travel experience, excellent attention to detail, and her high level of customer service, she’s making vacation dreams come true.


Jamie’s event planning experience is a perfect match for groups celebrating special occasions or tying the knot. She understands the obstacles involved when traveling with a larger family and also knows the importance of a couples getaway. Whatever destination you’ve been dreaming about, Jamie will be by your side to work through every detail. 


Jamie graduated from TCU and then went on to Arizona State University to earn a Master’s degree in Recreation and Tourism. Fort Worth Texas is currently home with her husband and three kids. When not planning trips or playing taxi driver for her family, Jamie enjoys spending time with family and friends, pool days, wine, and riding her Peloton. 



Debie is our amazing administrative assistant and has been with The Pixie Planner since 2020. She is the first person that many of our guests interact with.


She lives outside of Salt Lake City, Utah and is married with 3 adult children. She has 2 beautiful grandchildren - and loves being a grandma.

Vacation Specialities: Caribbean, Disney Parks & Europe



Tatum was born and raised in Arizona, living all over the Valley of the Sun. She graduated in 2021 from the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business with a Bachelors in Business Administration. She is excited to have just married her best friend.


She is a lover of animals, and her second passion outside of planning travel is dog sitting her furry friends. In addition to planning trips for The Pixie Planner guests, she also helps keep the owners organized as their administrative assistant. 

Vacation Specialities: All-Inclusive, Hawaii & Disney Parks



Micayla is a seasoned travel planner based in Denver, Colorado, who is passionate about creating unforgettable travel experiences. With a keen eye for finding hidden gems and a desire to immerse herself in local culture, Micayla ensures that each trip is unique and authentic.

She believes that the best way to travel is by connecting with the locals and discovering all the unique experiences a destination has to offer. Whether it's trying new foods, participating in local activities, or simply striking up a conversation with a stranger, she is always up to create an adventure.


With her expertise in planning epic and memorable trips, Micayla is the perfect travel agent for those seeking authentic travel experiences. She has a talent for finding the best deals and ensuring that each trip is tailored to the traveler's individual needs and interests.



Rhiannon is the Cruise Specialist at the Pixie Planner and lives in Queen Creek, Arizona. Rhiannon has a wonderful husband, and a 16 year old girl, a 9 year old boy, and a 6 year old boy.


She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in meteorology, and her previous background was mainly in aviation as a gate/ramp/operations agent, gate supervisor, baggage service agent, ticketing agent, and a flight attendant.


She has a love and passion for travel, which brought her to the Pixie Planner, along with Misty, the co-owner of the company. Rhiannon loves being the cruise specialist and travel planner, and being a part of the Pixie Team!

Vacation Specialities: Cruises, Disney Parks &  Hawaii

Vacation Specialities: Cancun, Hawaii, & Disneyland



Brianna has been a part of The Pixie Planner for two years. She has her Masters in Human Resources. She has two young kids and loves to have them experience all things Disney.


She loves being a part of helping families make life long memories.

Vacation Specialities: Disney & Mexico



While once upon a time she was a guest of The Pixie Planner, Ashlyn Davenport now plans magical vacations for many guests of her own! She developed her love of travel early on and has been fortunate to visit many destinations both domestic and internationally.


Originally from South Carolina, Ashlyn now resides in Allegan, Michigan with her Husband and 2 children.  When she is not planning magical vacations, Ashlyn also works in the pharmaceutical industry and specializes in supply chain management. She is an avid reader and loves to go camping with her family.

PNG image.png


Crystal lives in Chicago and has been with The Pixie Planner team since 2021. She is a busy mom of 3 and is a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic. She joined The Pixie Planner team because she loves being able to make vacation magic happen for her guests. She finds joy in researching new locations.


Her favorite part of travel is the food and drinks she finds in destinations that she can't get back home.

Vacation Specialities: Disney World, Mexico & Caribbean

Vacation Specialities: Mexico & Disney Parks



Alyssa is a proud Pacific Northwest resident having grown up in Puyallup, Washington and now resides in Bend, Oregon. She worked as a dental assistant for years but after having 3 beautiful children- she wanted a career that was more flexible to be there for their milestones.


In addition to the flexibility, she joined The Pixie Planner because she has a passion for travel and loves researching new destinations. She is the person friends often times asked for tips and help! In her downtime, Alyssa loves to run and surf behind their boat in the summers.



Brittany is a mom to 2 beautiful children, ages 8 and 1. She lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah and joined The Pixie Planner team in 2021. Brittany loves to travel and most recently has traveled to Disneyland and Cancun!


She joined The Pixie Planner team because she loves to help plan amazing and memorable trips for her guests. It makes her day when she receives pictures and texts from guests saying how much they love their trip.

Vacation Specialities: Mexico, All-Inclusives  & Disney Parks



Brigitt is our bilingual Pixie Planner. She is located in Haslet, TX but is originally from the beautiful Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico. She is married and has two beautiful daughters. She worked in Finance before becoming a Pixie Planner.


She has a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology and is currently working on her MBA. She has been travelling since she was 6 months old and has a passion for travel! She has lived and traveled the world, thanks to her husband's military career. She loves sharing her travel experiences with her clients as well as finding great deals.

Vacation Specialities: Caribbean, Europe & Disney! 

Vacation Specialities: Disney Parks, Mexico, and Hawaii.



Alex is an East Coast Pixie Planner living outside of DC (soon-to-be Florida) with her husband, 2 kids and golden doodle Taco. She currently works in a Fortune 50 company supporting C Suite executives.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from university of Maryland.


Alex’s love for travel and experiencing the world started at a young age, and her first vacation was a trip to Puerto Rico at 6 months old. It’s been in her blood ever since. She loves creating unforgettable memories with her own family and cannot wait to do the same for yours! In addition to the honor of being a Pixie Planner, Alex loves that she gets to do this with her sister Jacqui! 


Jacqui is a Pixie Planner located in Huntingtown, Maryland (soon-to-be Florida). She is married to her husband Chris and they have three kids. Jacqui works as the Director of Public Relations for the Cyphers Agency and has a Masters Degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communications as well as a Digital Marketing Certificate.


Jacqui’s love for travel and experiencing the world is what motivates her to create dream vacations for others. In addition to the honor of being a Pixie Planner, Jacqui loves that she gets to do this with her sister! 

Vacation Specialities: Turks & Caicos, Bahamas & Caribbean



Kyla is the Social Media Manager for The Pixie Planner and has been a part of the team since the very beginning. Although she started as a Planner and loved helping her guests, she has since moved to only marketing the business on socials. If you have seen our content, she probably made it! 

Kyla is spending her 20's traveling the world with some of her favorite destinations being Tokyo, Costa Rica, & Spain. 

Vacation Specialities: Turks & Caicos, Bahamas & Caribbean

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